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Pinot Blanc
October 15, 2008

On Monday, I had the pleasure in experiencing a Pinot Blanc from Grey Monk.  What a wonderful accompaniment to leftovers – not saying that this is a ‘leftover wine’, but what a great pairing!  What would also be a nice accompaniment to leftovers would be a Reisling from the same Vineyard.   The Pinot Blanc is a golden straw in colour, reminiscent of the colours of fall, the bouquet is fresh, slighly spicy, yet fruity in flavour.  The Reisling is fresh, clean, and tangy.  Try it and experience it for yourself.


Viognier vs. Chardonnay
October 12, 2008

Most people will agree that when asked about what to serve at a fall dinner, most would answer ‘Chardonnay’ or ‘Sauv. Blanc’.  A great alternative is a viognier, a great fall wine that has the heaviness of a chardonnay, but without the harsh oakiness (whether it’s oaked or unoaked, both, in my opinion, both taste the same).  There is a buttery quality to this wine as well as a citrisy note, that lingers long aferwards.  By far, this would be a great choice for your ThanksGiving dinner this fall, but could and would be better served with a chorizo infused pasta dish.  So try this wine an alternative for this holiday weekend.